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Waste Recovery:

Disposal of your manufacturing bi-products can be a costly process and invariably leads to lose/lose situations for all concerned for the following reasons:

  •  It takes up valuable space.
     We can offer advice on storage of your bi-products
     and even provide equipment that will reduce the
     amount of floor space it uses.

  •  It is considered non-productive.
     Your bi-products may be our raw materials which we
     could probably re-process into something useful for
     another industry.

  •  It looks untidy.
     We can provide equipment that will help to make
     storage of your bi-products look more professional.

Our manufacturing processes are similar to any other in principal in that they need raw materials just like yours. Your bi-products may be the raw materials we need. Together, we could create a win/win situation for your company, our company and the environment.

If you are accountable to The Environment Agency and need to present details of your waste, we can supply you with all the data you need.